Cloud Hosting – Hybrid Private Servers

Hybrid solutions for cloud computing

Users that have their own IT infrastructure can rent additional resources from the "cloud" for the purposes of development, testing and training in case of lack of internal capacity, for emergency repairs, remote storage of backup copies of, delivery services to external users etc.. To all these services in the "cloud" the access is in the same way (with the same tools) just like with their own infrastructure in the cloud and vice versa. The user's network infrastructure and service delivered in the cloud behave as a single private network.

Included with every Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Reinstallation of operative system

One (1) reinstallation of the operative system in one active year is provided.

Reconfiguration of VPS server

Complete configuration of the private server at annually.

Backup and data protection

Five (5) requests for Backup / Data restore are provided during one active year.